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Wavy Lace Front Wigs

What kinds of wavy lace front wigs are there?

There are all kinds of wavy lace front wigs. According to frontal lace design, there are 13x4 lace front wavy wigs, 13x6 lace front wavy wigs and full lace front wavy wigs. And, the wavy hair includes body wave hair, deep wave hair, loose wave hair, loose deep wave hair, water wave hair, natural wave and so on. Also, incolorwig has various colors of wavy lace front human hair wigs. You can choose any wavy, colors and lace design you want.

How to care for wavy lace front wigs?

When shampooing, always comb your wavy hair with your fingers first to make sure it flows as freely as possible and to remove tangles. It's best not to brush your wavy lace front wig, as the curls will unfold through brushing. Always use a wide-tooth finger comb to comb and style your wavy hair, never a fine-tooth comb. When drying, you can hold the hair ends and push it up to keep wavy. Make sure your wavy lace front wig is completely dry before storing it. If the wig is wet or even slightly damp, it can lead to mold.

Where to buy the best wavy lace front human hair wigs?

Incolorwig is absolutely professional human hair wigs store online. Incolorwig sells the 100% virgin human hair and high quality hand-made lace front human hair wigs. The wavy hair is produced by professional workers and can last a longtime. Also, incolorwig specializes in selling colored human hair lace front wigs, so you can buy the most gorgeous and best quality colored wavy lace front wigs human hair from incolorwig.

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