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Skunk Stripe Wig

What is a skunk stripe in hair?

The skunk stripe hair trend from the 90s is coming back and has already become the most popular trend hairstyle for 2022! what is skunk stripe hair? You can imagine what a skunk looks like. Similar to the fur of the skunk, the skunk stripe hair has two contrast color: a light and a dark nuance. The skunk stripe hair is usually with a fantasy color such as orange, red, honey blonde or platinum blonde. “I think it’s so popular because it’s a fun way to experiment with the contradictory aspects of both dark and platinum hair,” says colorist Bianca Hillier.If you do not dye your real hair into skunk stripe, you can get a skunk stripe wig instead.

How do you bleach a skunk stripe?

The skunk stripe is easily achieved by dyeing hair strands in a contrasting light or bright hue. You can dye your own natural hair or a natural black human hair wig at home by yourself. It is easy to do skunk stripe hair. Let us star it.

Before dying, you should brush your hair or wig thoroughly to get rid of any tangles. Figure out which hair strands/ sections and color you want to dye. Mix the color and apply it to your strands you are going to dye, to avoid smearing other areas of your hair, you can wrap the rest of your hair in plastic wrap. Once you have applied color and it has rested on your hair or wig for a few minutes, you need to wash the dye off. Then, wash and condition your hair or wig.

Finally, you can get a skunk stripe hair or skunk stripe wig easily! If you are afraid of screwing up, go to the hairdresser or buy a skunk stripe wig!

Incolorwig sells beautiful and cheap skunk stripe wig human hair

Skunk stripe wigs human hair is available at incolorwig. You can buy the best quality skunk stripe wigs at incolorwig. 100% virgin human hair skunk stripe lace front wigs in loose wave, body wave, straight and short bob can be found at incolorwig.

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