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Red and Black Wig

What is red and black wig?

Commonly, in the professional wig industry, we call red and black wig 1B/99J orT1B99J, which means that the root of the hair is 1B, natural black, and the rest is 99j, red color. Red and black wig is a kind of ombre wig. In recent years, red and black wig has become more and more popular.

The differences between the red wig and red&black wig

The red wig is a kind of ordinary colored wig while red and black wig is a kind of ombre wig. Ombre wigs are becoming increasingly popular among wig wearers. Red and black wig is more natural than red wig.

The advantages of red and black wig

The red and black wig is more natural than ordinary fully colored wigs. The red and black wig looks like your naturally grown hair because of its black roots. What is more, the red and black wig make you look more attractive and stunning in the crowded?

Red and black lace wig and headband wig

You can choose lace part, lace front or headband red and black wig, all of them are beautiful, fashionable, comfortable, natural and high quality and hot sale items.

Where to buy high quality, beautiful and natural red and black wig?

Incolorwig sells high quality colored wigs, all of our colored wigs are made of 100% virgin human hair that is the best quality. In recent years, colored wigs especially ombre wigs and highlight wigs are more and more popular among wig lovers and wearers. If you are looking for a high quality and natural red and black wig, you can shop the one that suits you and satisfies you from incolorwig.

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