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Loose Deep Wave Wig

What is loose deep wave?

Loose deep wave curl pattern is close to Jerry curly. A lot of times, it is confused with the Jerry curl because of its similar look to the Jerry curl. Loose deep wave hair has tighter and bigger curls than body wave but smaller than loose wave.

What is the benefit of the loose deep wave wig?

It has the natural wave in the 'S' pattern. Therefore, the loose deep wave wig looks so natural when wearing it. People can find it difficult to distinguish it from the natural grown hair. Loose deep wave hair texture flows are smooth but they are much deeper than body wave and tighter curls. The great texture of loose deep wave wig looks really luxurious and cheer up your whole look.

How to maintain loose wave wig?

1.Brush it correctly: We recommend that you brush your loose deep wave wig with wide tooth finger comb so that the curls of it will be unwound after brushing. When brushing your loose deep wave wig, always start from the tips to the roots of the hair gently.

2.Wash it properly: When washing your loose deep wave wig, firstly, comb it with a finger comb to make sure that the hair strands are as free flowing as possible which makes the wig hair get a proper wash without tangling. Apart from that, in order to reduce the amount of drying, you can give a preconditioning treatment to it before shampooing.

Incolorwig offers high quality and cheap loose deep wave wigs

Incolorwig deep wave hair is sleek, shiny and provides a perfect natural-looking and extremely luxurious feel. All of our deep wave wigs are made of 100% virgin human hair so that they are high quality but with affordable price. Hurry up to choose a loose deep wave wig from incolorwig! It will bring you a great surprise.

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