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Long Straight Wigs

Incolorwig New #T1B613 Blonde Brazilian Free Part 4*4 Straight Human Hair Lace Closure
Total Price: $48.67 Discount Price: $36.50
save: $12.17
Incolorwig Straight Brazilian Hair 13*4 Free Part Lace Frontal #T1B613 Blonde Color
Total Price: $69.07 Discount Price: $51.80
save: $17.27

The advantages of straight wigs

There are body weave, curly, water weave, deep weave,kinky and straight wigs according to the curls and styles. Among all of them, the straight wig is the easiest to take care of and deal with and it looks the most shiny and supple. And straight wig can easily and perfectly match any style and cloth. The most and important, when you are tired of your straight wig, you can turn it into any hairstyle you want, such as body wave, curly, water weave, etc.. So owning one straight wig, you can get many different styles actually, why do not you to get a straight wig?

All kinds of lace desighs and colors long straight wigs

Incolorwig has lots of different lace designs and colors you can choose.

Lace front wig, lace part wig, headband wig and lace closure wig. 13x4 lace front is the most comfortable and the best high quality than lace part wig and lace closure wig. And the headband wig is easy to wear and go. You can choose by your own needs.

As for the colors, incolorwig is dedicated to selling a variety of beautiful colors. So there are so many colors such as natural black, 99j burgundy, ginger, 613 blonde, highlight, ombre and pre-colored. So lots of choices!

Which kinds of people are suitable for long straight wigs?

Long straight wig is suitable for people who don’t want to make a mistake when choosing a wig at the first time, you can set your mind at ease to pick it up and who don’t want to waste much time and energy to take care of wig.

Incolorwig offers best human hair straight wigs

Our wigs are made of 100% virgin human hair which are high quality, and you can buy them with affordable price. According to your own needs and preferences, you can pick any lace design and color long straight wigs up. I believe that you can find the one you love and it can satisfies you.

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