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Incolorwig Glueless Curly Human Hair Wigs 180% Density 13x4 Lace Front Wigs
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How to wash long curly human hair wigs?

First, you should get the shampoo and conditioner especially for hair wigs. Brush your long curly wig before washing. Rinse with cold to warm water. In general, you should use 1-3 olive-sized shampoo depending on the length and density of the wig. Two raspberry-sized conditioner for long curly wig is enough. Apply shampoo to the palm of the hand and spread it on the long curly hair. Avoid the scalp area. Gently comb the shampoo from top to bottom. Don't scrub your curly wig hair. Then rinse the shampoo, when the curly hair is still wet, apply a small amount of conditioner on it. Avoid the scalp area likewise. Leave the conditioner in your long curly hair wig for 3-5 minutes until the curly wig very gentle, comb it with your fingertips or a wide-toothed comb from the tips of the hair. Then rinse the conditioner thoroughly with cold water.

How to take care of long curly wigs?

Combing your long curly wig gently with a wide-tooth comb helps prevent the hair loss and damage. Comb curly wigs two to three times a day, especially before you go to bed. If there are tangles, you need to brush it carefully and untie knots as much as you can with your fingers. Don’t wash your long curly wig much frequently, wash it regularly according to how often you wear it. Give your curly wig deep treatment every two weeks. If your long curly wig is very dry and frizzy, you can use a hair moisturizer to increase the humidity before brushing it.

Where can you buy the best long curly human hair wigs?

You can buy all kinds of long curly human hair wigs at incolorwig. There are 20-26 inches long curly wigs you can choose from. Ginger jerry curly wig is the most popular ginger wig at incolorwig. 99j burgundy lace part jerry curly and brown highlight jerry curly v part wig are loved by customers as well. What is more, incolorwig sells various colors of long curly human hair wigs. Natural black, FB 30 brown, honey blonde, ginger, burgundy red, highlight, kinky curly, jerry curly, water wave curly wigs you can choose from incolorwig.

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