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613 Lace Front Wig

What hair color is 613?

In order to know what hair color a number represents, we must first know how the hair color coding works. The base color is indicated by the first number, which determines the depth of the color. 1.0 for black, 5.0 for light brown, 6.0 for dark blonde and 10 for lightest blonde. As a result, the 613 wig commonly refers to blonde or light blonde wig.

Why 613 lace front wig is popular?

Why 613 wig is so popular? One of the reasons is that 613 blonde wig has already been dyed and bleached. It takes no effort to color 613 wig into any other color you want. In addition to that, only the wigs made of 100% virgin human hair can withstand bleaching to 613 blonde. So the 613 human hair wig is high quality.

The lace front wig is lighter and more comfortable than traditional wigs. The 13x4/13x6 lace front wig has natural and visible hairline and hair scalp and 13x4/13x6 inch hand-made lace which make you comfortable and look natural when you wear it.

Where to buy the best quality 613 lace front wig?

Incolorwig is a great store online that sells high quality colored human hair wigs. Our colored wigs are made of 100% high quality virgin human hair and own beautiful colors that will not fade when you wash the colored wigs. 613 lace front wig is always a hot sale at our store. We have the best quality 613 lace front wig that has received much positive feedback. Hope you can buy the best 613 lace front wig that satisfies you from

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